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Student Name: Sara B
Grade: 12
Title: Breaking Point
Description: My piece was supposed to represent a push from societal suppression and to embrace the unknown regardless of hardships. The hand is pushing through the shards into the open while pieces are still piercing through the arm, it represents the first step of breaking a pattern and the start of something new. I created this piece by first making the hand separate and creating the rest of the arm seven as well. I created the small triangular shards individually and place them on a base to dry. I attached the arm to the base with the shards and then attached the hand after so I would be stable. For detailing I made the shards sharper bye cutting them to be more angular and used water to smooth out the hands and wrinkles on the palm.
Dimensions: (L)10 x (W)9 x (H)16 (Inches)
Weight: 9 Lbs.
School: Mclean High School - Mclean , VA
Teacher: Christina Carroll
Exhibition: 24th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, Virtual This Year

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