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Student Name: Roberto O
Grade: 12
Title: Stranger Than Fiction
Description: This is a 3d clay bust. it is the face of a bald male with a strong vivid mustache. The face was painted black and dry brushed with white and thenwas wiped down with multiple color pencils. The top left of the face represents a cheetah print texture and the rest of it represents the skin of a zebra with warm colors added for highlights.. One of the eyes is closed as if the sun is glaring . The face has exaggerated large cheeks and shows signs of aging. For me this sculpture represents how we as humans hide our truth and live in a world of unreality or fiction.
Dimensions: (L)9.5 x (W)8.5 x (H)11 (Inches)
Weight: 5 Lbs.
School: Moon Valley High School - Phoenix, AZ
Teacher: Marilynn Williams
Exhibition: The 17th Annual National K12 Ceramic Exhibiition

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