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Student Name: Ryan Philipps
Grade: 12
Title: Golden Fog
Description: Raku clay was used to make slabs and was used in the Brent clay extruder. Slabs were placed in the interior of a Styrofoam bowl and two halves were connected to make a hollow ball. The legs, handle and spout was extruded using the Brent Extruder and the 1" hollow square dye. Amaco Potter's Choice Saturation Gold was used on the legs, handle and spout. The body was brushed with Amaco Obsidian Celadon glaze and a white glaze was sprayed over the black glaze.
Dimensions: (L)8 x (W)13 x (H)14 (Inches)
Weight: 11 Lbs.
School: St. Thomas High School - Houston, TX
Teacher: Mike Nebel
Exhibition: 20th Annual National K12 Ceramic Exhibition

No awards given
Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Other, The Raku Clay is produced from Armadillo Clay in Austin, Texas
Tool Vendor: Other, Kemper Tools. AND Brent Clay Extruder
Glaze Vendor: Amaco, Amaco Celadon glaze and a white Amaco glaze
Kiln Vendor: Skutt
Firing Temp: Low Stoneware
Atmosphere: Oxidation
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