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Speedball Art Products Wheel Award
The Wheel Award is a potter's wheel given to a student of the highest order. Selection for this award is made by the juror from all work in the exhibition. Supplied by Walt Glazer, CEO, Speedball Art Products.
Speedball Art Products
Walt  Glazer
2301 Speedball Rd

Statesville, NC 28677
(800) 898-7224

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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 8 Jar With a Lid Zhang, Patrick Figueroa, Fred Kastner Clovis CA Yes No
Details 12 Three Bottles Beck, Daniel Conine, Suzanne Waterford School Sandy UT Yes No
Details 9 Nancy's Teapot Engebrecht, Johanna Kopp, Nancy Art Workshop@ Funke' Fired Arts Cincinnati OH Yes No
Details 12 Copper Red Bottles Segeluist, Kaleb McDaniel, William Topeka West High School Topeka KS Yes No
Details 12 Cookie Jar II Sun, Yuxuan Rapp, Jan Cape Cod Academy Osterville MA No Yes
Details 12 Bottle Brothers Valenti, Jack Ebsen, Pennie Oak Park & River Forest High School Oak Park IL Yes No
Details 12 Big Pot Energy Evenhuis , Mason Conlon, Matthew Davinci Academy Of Science And The Arts Ogden UT Yes No
Details 12 How do I tell you I understand? True , Charlotte Doherty, Bridget Oak Park River Forest Oak Park IL Yes No
Details 12 Chattered Striped Vase Pena , Elena Brockie, Keith Arroyo Valley High San Bernardino CA Yes No
Details 11 Booka Perry , Eli Christopherson, Dave Ridgeline High School Millville UT Yes No