K-12 Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Exhibition?

The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition is an annual event, which coincides with the international NCECA Conference around March of each year. NCECA stands for National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. This conference becomes the capital of world ceramics for two weeks each year drawing thousands of collectors and visitors to museums, galleries, colleges and the conference center of the host city.

Information on NCECA go to: http://www.nceca.net

Where is the Exhibition?

The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition is held annually in conjunction with the pre-eminent international conference of ceramics arts, The NCECA conference, which convenes in a different city each year. Our exhibition will be in a suitable display area near or in the Conference Center or the Conference Center hotel.

Information on NCECA go to: http://www.nceca.net

What is the deadline for entries for the Exhibition?

The deadline for entries is normally mid-January with the Exhibition the 3rd week of March.  Please view the Exhibition page for details.

When is the call for entries sent out each year and how?

Call for Exhibition entries are sent out to registered Teachers the week after Thanksgiving. You can obtain more details by going to Teachers Submit Work page. We try to use email as our primary method of communication with you about the foundation and the exhibition.

To request notification for an application for the competition for next year, please Contact Us.

Who can enter the competition?

Open to all K-12 students sponsored by their teachers, both NCECA members and non-members can enter. Only works made primarily of clay and completed within the last two years will be accepted. Work previously submitted within the last two years but not selected is eligible.
Work will be divided in different categories; K - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 10th, 11th - 12th

Who are the winners from past years?

Check out our past winners in the Exhibition section of this website.

How can I receive notification of the competition each year?

Sign up to be notified by email at Contact Us and leave us your name and email address.

Are there any scholarships offered by the Foundation?

Yes. We give many Scholarships and expect to give more each year. Each was created for a particular reason and we are open to suggestions and offers for more scholarships. Additionally, we are always working to raise money to provide more scholarship support.

What Are Some Awards Given?

Some Awards include potter's wheels, a kiln, cash prizes and subscriptions.

What are the entry categories and age groups?

Potential scholarships, merit awards, recognition prizes and gift certificates will be given at all levels.

Work will be divided in different categories; K - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 10th, 11th - 12th

Are lesson plan booklets still available?

At this time, please Contact Us with your inquiry.

Can a senior that has graduated enter their piece in a show?

Yes they can but it must be within one year of their graduation.

Can I volunteer to help the Foundation?

Yes, volunteers are always welcome to Get Involved. Contact Us and let us know.