How to Establish a Special Award with k12clay
Each one of our special awards was created by a person with a unique idea. Companies or individuals can create new awards according to these guidelines for annual awards.

Steps to Follow
    1. Determine an Amount of the Award or the Award in kind to be offered.

        We encourage awards of at least $100 in value.
    2. Determine  what you would like to say about the Award
    3. Determine the Name of the Award

    4.  Establish the Award by sending us an email through the link below with the information from steps

         1 through 3. 

Financial award donors receive an invoice once a year in the Fall for the follow year's exhibition.  Awards in kind will be given to the winning student by a certificate or Award tent card from the national exhibition.  If the award can be fit in the return shipping for the student work in the show, it will be included.  Otherwise, separate shipping arrangements will be made between donor and student.

Establish an Award