Initiative For Ceramic Education

The Seattle Initiative

At the 2012 Seattle NCECA conference k12clay established this initiative to support the teachers and students who want help finding links to numerous interdisciplinary resources in ceramics. We further agreed to gather resources for making the case for clay in education.

1. Collect and make available exemplary Lesson Plans with documentation, and

     resources that can also connect to core subjects and state standards.

2. Design and create a clearinghouse for Resources for the ceramic art teacher

     including links to websites, PDFs, images, museums, potteries, galleries and local

     artists to support teaching practice.

3. Provide established Safety guidelines for teaching ceramics in a K-12 setting.

4. Solicit, collect, and publish, funding resources for ceramic arts projects and local

    support groups with people to turn to locally.

5. Connect our website to journals, organizations, social media, universities, colleges, craft groups, arts

    organizations, industrial ceramics corporations, education and charitable foundations, museums and craft


6. Establish an organized site as a place where ideas and resources for ceramic

    arts research can connect or find support.

7. Establish an international Bibliography of ceramic art education research.

8. Collect research establishing connections between ceramics and improvement in reading.

9. Collect research that establishes connections between ceramics and improvement in

    other areas of the school curriculum including examples of benefits of using ceramics in education from a

    variety of sources.

10. Establish the website as a unified "go to" starting point for ceramic arts teachers or for advocacy

       of education in the ceramic arts.

This initiative was accepted by the Foundation as the final third of our mission, including the exhibition and scholarship.  We include it here as a public offering and a statement of our intent to work toward the creation of these resources.