Get Involved

As a volunteer ran organization, our success is directly tied to the level of support we receive from volunteers, financial and material donations, awards and scholarships.

How to Volunteer

There are many areas that we need volunteers for and we are open to receiving help in the most effective manner that you are willing to provide. Our events require a lot of help during the setup and tear down process as we carefully unpack each piece to display then securely repack after the event to be sent back to the students. There are also many administrative and production functions that are performed throughout the year to ensure that everything is in order for a successful event. To volunteer, please contact us with your interest in helping and when you would be available.
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How to Donate

We have two programs for making donations to K12 Clay. The first is an annual program divided into four levels:

Founder – This is a lifetime annual commitment of 1000.00.
Sponsor – This is a lifetime annual commitment of 500.00
Donor – This is a lifetime annual commitment of 250.00
Friend – This is a lifetime annual commitment of 100.00

The second program is one time or non lifetime donation. Both of these programs are for financial or material support of the operation of K12 Clay and also support our efforts to grow scholarships.

How to Establish an Award

There are two types of Awards that are presented to show entries, Financial and Material. The Financial award is a dollar amount that the donor of the award determines and is presented to the winner based on the guidelines established by the donor. The Material award follows the same determination process and consists of a material item such as supplies, equipment, subscription or other items related to Ceramic Arts. Establish an Award

How to Establish a Scholarship

Scholarships have been the highest award offered as this enables the best of the entries to continue on their future in Ceramic Arts. Scholarships are paid directly to the institution where the student is registered and they must meet all of the guidelines established in the scholarship. These scholarships range from 500.00 to full ride scholarships at a 4 year University.
Establish a Scholarship