Research Bibliographies

Supporting the Case for Clay in K12 Education
One of our goals in adopting the Seattle Initiative is to provide research data to buttress arguments that Make the Case for Clay in American K-12 Education. Many educators seeking to implement or expand ceramic arts programs have a need for data to support their case at meetings where they will be challenged.

We are building our bibliographies to include an international Bibliography. We aim to include research establishing connections between ceramics and improvement in reading. We are also collecting research that establishes connections between ceramics and improvement in other areas of the school curriculum including examples of benefits of using ceramics in education from variety of sources such as physical science education, special education, physical education, creative arts education, and various other areas of school that have used clay with, for example, senior citizens or pre-K education.

If you would like to suggest bibliographies or additions to what we have here, please send to us.