The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation, Inc. was formed officially in 2002 to ensure the long-term survivability of The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition.  Mounting a national exhibit on an annual basis is an enormous undertaking costing thousands of dollars. We also give out hundreds of awards and scholarships, and put smiles on the faces of thousands of people who see the exhibition. We are a Federally recognized 501 c(3) organization.  Our fund-raising goal is to find enough people and corporations who are committed enough to ceramic education to agree to pay a set annual dues fee forever.


Would you like to help us?  We have 2 ways:


1.  We accept Donations to both The Foundation itself and designated donations to our scholarship program.  We encourage all who are inclined and able to donate or join us permanently or donate as shown below via PayPal or by check.


2.  Our Annual Program creates wonderful results because of the generosity of our board of trustees, our Founders, Sponsors, Donors, and Friends.  These people and groups have agreed to support us FOREVER.


Either way, it's tax deductible!!!


  1. Donating to the Exhibition or Scholarship Fund

-  Donations via Pay Pal using this link






-  Tax deductible Checks can be made out to
Glen Frick, Treasurer
The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation, Inc.
6521 169th Lane NW

Ramsey, MN 55303

-  Cash donations are also accepted during the time the exhibition is open.

  2. Joining Our Annual Program


Founding Members agreed in 2001 to donate $1,000 a year or more, forever!!

Jim Skutt, of Skutt Ceramics, Richard Arnfeld of Spectrum, Kenton Oakes of Creative Industries, Rick MacPherson of Aardvark, and Clayworld, first with Russ Fish and now with the Powells to do the same. Lenny Larson of Ceramic Systems then joined.  Later, Glen Frick of On Target Professionals, Steve Lewicki of L & L Kilns, Dee and Geoff Flash  and , Nancy and Ken Ernst, joined as Founders and also became Trustees of k12clay.  Additionally, Jeff and Bond Sandoe from Amaco brent, Jim and Anne Bailey of Bailey Pottery Equipment, John and Julie Brooks of Laguna Clay Company, Royal Brush Company, Ceramics Monthly, Walt Glazer of Speedball, and The Emily Specchio Foundation have joined our ranks, and have made this serious commitment to K-12 ceramic art education.

Sponsors become lifetime donors at $500 a year. 

This group includes Trinity Ceramics; Ned Cohn, NJ Attorney; Cohn Bracaglia & Gropper,  Clay Times Magazine; NJ Atty. & CPA David A. Lewis; Shimpo, and Elaine O. Henry of Ceramic Art and Perception / TECHNICAL Magazines.   Elaine O. Henry of Ceramics: Art and Perception /TECHNICAL;  Paragon Industries; Brackers Good Earth Clays;  Nancy and Robert Parker of Pennsylvania   Sponsors commit to paying annual dues or other contributions totaling at least $500.  All the benefits of being a sponsor are accorded to them.

Donors become lifetime donors at $250 a year.  

Donors commit to paying annual dues or other contributions totaling at least $250 including Orton Foundation; Ursuline Academy of Dallas; Studio Potter Magazine; HyperGlaze by Richard Burkett   All the benefits of being a donor are accorded to them.

Friends become lifetime donors at $100 a year.  

Friends commit to paying annual dues or other contributions totaling at least $100. The Clay Lady, Danielle McDaniel,  Advisor David Korostoff and Advisor John O'Donnell are in this group.  All the benefits of being a friend are accorded to them.


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