Establish A Scholarship

How to Establish a Scholarship with k12clay

Each of our annual scholarships was created individually by someone who had something in mind. Some are named in honor of a loved person whose name is now carried forward each year.  Some honor a family or an idea or company.   Companies, families or individuals can all create scholarships according to these guidelines.   We only pay educational expenses, which are sent directly to the winner's educational institution.  These awards are all perpetual, given annually.

Steps to Follow

        1.  Determine an Amount of the Scholarship

                  Currently we have 3 levels: 

-      $500  

-      $1,000

-      $1,000 with repeat application for up to 4 years

        2.  Determine What you would like to say about the Scholarship

        3.  Determine the Name of the Scholarship 

        4.  Establish the Scholarship by sending us an email through the link below with the information from steps

             1 through 3. 

Once these arrangements have been made with our treasurer, we simply invoice once a year in the Fall for the follow year's exhibition.  Donors may have input in selecting the recipient, present the scholarships, or have the juror select the winner and see presentation as part of our process.  Donors will receive a letter from the student before funds are sent to the educational institution.

Establish a Scholarship