The Exhibition Process

Each year we at curate a national ceramic art exhibition designed to showcase the best student work I created in grades kindergarten through grade twelve as submitted by their teachers. Our annual process described below repeats in a different city in conjunction with The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, (NCECA).
Our exhibition is entirely non-profit with fees and donations all retained for use by the exhibition foundation for future shows or related programming. The juror serves only once and is selected by the curator from the highest ranks of the ceramic art world. Juror's decisions are final. Student work not accepted to the exhibition may be re-submitted once within a year. Accepted work must be shipped to and from the exhibition at student or school expense according to all exhibition regulations

Submission of Student Work
All work must be made by students and submitted by teachers who are responsible for all communication between the student and the k12clay.
Teachers visit to login, register for the exhibition, pay entry fee, and submit information and images of student work (up to 5 views per work).
Teachers may enter up to 20 works per school for up to $60.
When work is verified by the k12clay exhibition curator, it is submitted to the juror teachers receives confirmation email.

The Jury Process
Is conducted entirely by the juror using original images submitted by teacher.
Only 150 pieces will be selected for the exhibition across 4 grade categories: K-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12
Teachers will be notified via email of juror decisions

The Exhibition
Selected work will be shipped or hand carried to the exhibition according to exact rules of the exhibition without exception unless specified differently by the curator.
The exhibition will be set up on the Tuesday of the NCECA conference and come down on Friday at 4 PM
Opening Reception, Awards Presentation, Juror's Commentary is Wed at 4:30PM
All work will be return shipped from the exhibition and will include documents pack from k12clay including awards, scholarships, and communication to award and scholarship winners.
Large awards and prizes are shipped by donors directly to student or school.

Award categories are by 4 Grade Level Divisions: K-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12. Scholarships for college tuition or further study are for graduating high school seniors only

Specific Instructions and Essential Checklist for Teachers Submitting Student Work
Please read carefully and completely as information may have changed

Open to all K-12 students sponsored by their teachers, in public and private schools, after school ceramic programs or summer school ceramic programs, (in the United States only) both NCECA members and non-members.
Only works made primarily of clay and glaze and completed within the last two years will be accepted.
Work previously submitted within the last two years but not selected ARE eligible for entry.
TEACHERS! Please self- jury work and submit what is considered best quality for the age group. Only work done exclusively by the student is eligible.
We ask that each teacher limit their entries to no more than 20 total entries from each school due to limited space.

Teachers register on-line at
Entry fee is $30.00 for each 10 individual entries or $60 for20 entries.
Fees are due when entry is submitted on-line using Pay Pal.

We will accept mail-in payment by check or money order payable to:
National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation, Inc.
Glen Frick, Treasurer
6521 169th Lane NW
Ramsey, MN 55303

No entry is accepted to final phase until payment is received.
Fees cover exhibition costs only.
Entry deadline is posted on website

Potential scholarships, merit awards, recognition prizes and gift certificates will be will be divided in 4 different grade level categories: K-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-10th, 11th -12th.
Scholarship awards for s\HS Seniors selected for the exhibition will be awarded during the exhibition when work and application are reviewed. Applications are on website.

Upon acceptance, you must ship work via our designated trucking carrier (those selected for the show receive detailed shipping instructions via email).
You must ship in time for pieces to arrive early in the host city.
ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SHIPPED BY DESIGNATED CARRIER. Detailed instructions on correct packing procedures will be posted on the web site.
Please consider size and weight of work before entering.
Large, heavy pieces are difficult and costly to ship.
Please be aware of distance from your state to the host city.
Information for filling out forms will be on web site or will be provided to those accepted to show by email.
Other details will follow on web-site concerning exact location of the K12 exhibit in the convention center.
Each school/teacher/student is responsible for own shipping costs.
Setup is Tuesday; pack-up/pick-up Friday 4 PM

Essential Teacher Check list: Must Read
1. Fill out all the information when you register. This includes personal phone numbers, work phone, cell phone and email addresses. We must be able to contact you.
2. If a student is filling out this information, please make sure they understand all information must be submitted including teacher cell number.
3. When taking pictures of the work:
    a. Make sure you orient you images to the correct vertical position. Please make sure images are registered correctly, if it is sideways, rotate it BEFORE you submit it. Sideways images will not be sent to the juror.
    b. Do not have a cluttered background.
    c. No HANDS (people) in the picture.
    d. Make sure correct lighting is used, correct in Photoshop is necessary. No blue of yellow lighting please.
    e. Images that are too dark to see, not registered on the page correctly, color shift, sideways images might not be considered.
    f. If you do not know how to correct images using Photoshop or another image correcting program, please contact SUPPORT
    g. Very IMPORTANT: the work must be made with a majority of ceramic clay and glazes and in good taste.
4. If you have work accepted, FOLLOW THE PACKING INSTRUCTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE to make sure it is packed securely using the double boxing as suggested and bubble wrap. Newspaper is not an acceptable packing material for ceramics and peanuts should be in plastic bags as they are messy.
5. Refrain from entering collaborative work. Enter only as individual work unless it is collaboration on one piece.
6. Do not enter work that must be mounted on a wall unless you include all wall structure and fasteners. We cannot mount any work on walls and have limited access to electricity.
7. Please include all necessary displaying material, example: for a plate, please provide plate stand.