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Artistic Achievement Award
These four awards are given to students whose work was deemed of high artistic achievement. Selected by the juror at the exhibition.
The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation
Board of Trustees


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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 8 Grandpas' dock Velez, Cameron Alesi, Dee Ceramic League Of Miami Miami FL Yes No
Details 12 Reluctant Acceptance Rackear, Logan Banks, Susan New World School Of The Arts Miami FL Yes No
Details 12 Violin Relic Villalobos, Isabel Brockie, Keith Arroyo Valley High School San Bernardino CA Yes No
Details 9 Joyful Praise Hunter, Cory Sather, Barbara Clovis West High School Fresno CA Yes No
Details 12 Feeding The Eggs Tea Pot Litwinsella, NoahLani Maurice, Anne Marin Academy San Rafael CA Yes No
Details 10 Hands Self, Hannah Woodrow, Julie Worthington Kilbourne High School Columbus OH Yes No
Details 12 Bronco the T-rex Jimenez, Karina Feder, Bob Bridgewater-Raritan High School Bridgewater NJ Yes No
Details 10 Ro-Pot Sun, Olivia Creek, Connie Pembroke Hill School Kansas City MO Yes No
Details 10 Kids Zinman, Elizabeth Sullivan, Susan The Archer School For Girls Los Angeles CA Yes No
Details 12 Opal Bottle Meline, Isaac Barber, Bethany Pleasant Grove High School Pleasant Grove UT Yes No