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Artistic Merit Award
25 Awards of Artistic Merit are awarded to student works at the exhibition . Students receive a certificate and their display label is marked indicating this recognition. Awards by grade level as follows: gr K-5: ( 3 Artistic Merit) ; gr 6-8 (3 Artistic Merit); gr.9-10 (7 Artistic Merit); gr 11-12 (12 Artistic Merit).
The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation
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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 9 Peep Toe Gone Wrong Cammon, Margot Blaes, Laurie Villa Duchesne St. Louis MO Yes No
Details 10 Cris Cross Pitcher Smith, Chelsea Stehmeier, Jason Rim Of The World High Lake Arrowhead CA Yes No
Details 12 Pirate Ship Teapot Barbera, Kenny Stehmeier, Jason Rim Of The World High Lake Arrowhead CA Yes No
Details 2 Bird on a Boat Gurvitch, Justin Ferri, Sheila Horace Mann Lower Division Bronx NY Yes No
Details 10 Wolf Wipfel, Mia Conine, Suzanne Waterford School Sandy UT Yes No
Details 11 Wedding Rathnam, Shibani Shin, Eunjung Community Folk Art Center Syracuse NY Yes No
Details 11 Ice Cream Cone! Sloan, Dustin Dubler, Maggie Millbrook School Millbrook NY Yes No
Details 12 Sunbird Utech, Kailey Cox, Debi Maize High School Maize KS Yes No
Details 5 Toucan Champney, Ruby Plows, Kate Delaware Art Museum Wilmington DE Yes No
Details 5 At the Game Katchadorian-Reese, Camille Dubrow, Nicole Pennsylvania Clay Art & Sciences Foundation / Black Sheep Pottery Skippack PA Yes No