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Curator Book Award
These awards are wonderful ceramic books provided to students whose work was selected by the curator as distinctive. A gift from The National K-12 Exhibition, each recipient will receive a book as well as a certificate.

Leah Schlief-Freese
4900 Walnut Hill LAne

Dallas, TX 75229
(469) 232-1814
Leah Schlief-Freese

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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 4 The Parrots Ciaccio, Nicholas Wiesner, Jan The Summit Country Day School Cincinnati OH Yes No
Details 12 Three Bottles Beck, Daniel Conine, Suzanne Waterford School Sandy UT Yes No
Details 8 Fleeing Deception Podbelsek, Sunny Podbelsek, Tammy Highland Middle School Louisville KY Yes No
Details 7 Wolf McKinney, Audrey Briggs, Nancy Des Moines Art Center Des Moines IA Yes No
Details 4 Canopic jar: Parrot Garg, Zoya Ferri, Sheila Horace Mann Lower Division Bronx NY Yes No
Details 12 Feeding The Eggs Tea Pot Litwinsella, NoahLani Maurice, Anne Marin Academy San Rafael CA Yes No
Details 9 Family Tree Javidi, Olia Cook, Steve Francis Parker San Diego CA Yes No
Details 10 Hands Self, Hannah Woodrow, Julie Worthington Kilbourne High School Columbus OH Yes No
Details K Medium Rare Hallahan, Caden Dunham, Monica Festival Of Arts Laguna Beach CA Yes No
Details 8 Teapot Set Castle, Joshua Figueroa, Fred Kastner Middle School Fresno CA Yes No