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Ernst Family Scholarship
The inspiration for the creation of these initial gifts was to honor the vision, dedication and efforts of the ceramic educators, the students they mentor, and the many volunteers nationwide affiliated with bringing The National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation and its dream of having a Scholarship Fund to fruition. We joyfully welcome you to join our heartfelt commitment to in support of The National K-12 Scholarship Fund, and ask that you give generously to grow this fund for deserving student artists. They are our future. With gratitude to the K-12 Board for your vision, Nancy and Ken Ernst, Ingrid and Marvin Mahan This $1000 award is selected by the Scholarship committee for direct payment toward tuition.

Ken and Nancy Ernst
Avon Road
Warren, NJ 07059
(732) 991-5040

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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 12 De-fusion Sinatra , Emily Punnett, Randi North Springs High School Atlanta GA Yes No
Details 12 Starry Night Vase Lohman , Jaimie Sullivan, David Sawmill Pottery Putnam CT No Yes
Details 12 Indefatigable Horse Woo , Emily M Proulx, Jane West Windsor Plainsboro High School South West Windsor NJ No Yes
Details 12 Swiffer Laughlin , Alexandria Martin , Stephanie Mercer Area Middle/high School Mercer PA Yes No
Details 12 Koi Dishes Christensen , Payton Christopherson, Dave Ridgeline High School Millville UT Yes No
Details 12 Native Faces Martinez , Jacob Berrett, Brandon Desert Hills High Saint George UT No Yes
Details 12 Riverside Nguyen , Megan Daley , Whitney Mountainside High School Beaverton Oregon No Yes
Details 12 Baba Yaga's Hut Farnsworth , Grace Quave, Elaine South Carolina Governors School For The Arts And Humanities Greenville SC No Yes
Details 12 Vase Lee , Morgan Sly, Nancy Hazel Park High School Hazel Park MI No Yes