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Jared Branfman Memorial Scholarship
Jared Branfman was an artist of extraordinary ability and passion. He was an athlete and league champion in wrestling, track, and soccer. He was a scholar of art history, Hispanic culture and was fluent in Spanish. He was a person whose life and spirit embodied curiosity, intellect, creativity, kindness, boundless energy, and incomparable courage. A love of education and a dedication to sharing his knowledge and experience with others was in his blood. Jared passed away on September 27, 2005 after a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer. He was 23 years old. This scholarship is given in celebration of the life of our son, brother, and friend Jared. The Branfman Family This $500 award is selected by the Scholarship committee for direct payment toward tuition.

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
31 Thorpe Rd
Needham, MA 02494
(781) 449-7687

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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 12 Cove Negative Owens, Al Quave, Elaine South Carolina Governors School For The Arts And Humanities Greenville SC Yes No
Details 12 Round Naked Raku Vase Solomon, Nicholas Lindner, John ConcorD-Carlisle Regional High School Concord MA No Yes
Details 12 Shino Bottle Sweeten, Jeremy Conlon, Matthew Davinci Academy Of Science And The Arts Ogden UT No Yes
Details 12 Thumper Gregor, Lauren Sonsara, Maribeth Lanse Creuse High School Harrison Township MI No Yes
Details 12 Resilience Schalk, Nicole Purviance, Chuck Brockway Center For Arts And Technology Brockway PA Yes No
Details 12 Johnny Brand-Wolf, Gemma Moon, Olivia The Archer School For Girls Los Angeles CA Yes No
Details 12 Stemmed Vessel with Lid Borchard, Sean Monsivais, Leonel Veterans Memorial High School Corpus Christi TX Yes No
Details 12 Gripping On Conrad , Drew Johnson, Brenna Franklin High School Franklin MA No Yes
Details 12 Flamma Kozumplik , Alexis Knott, Brandon Bryan High School Bryan OH No Yes
Details 12 Oil Bottle Dunker , Zac Christopherson, Dave Ridgeline High School Millville UT No Yes