Entered Information
Student Name: Emily K
Grade: 12
Title: Cheeky
Description: I constructed this head using a wooden stand with a masking-tape-wrapped newspaper ball at the end. I covered the ball with low fire terra cotta clay, mapped out some rough features, and then cut the head in half and took the newspaper out of the center. I carved the excess clay from the inside of the two halves, before reattaching them via slipping and scoring. At this point I also constructed a neck with smoothed coils, and attached the head to the neck. I then began to work on the more detailed features, like the teeth and the eyes. Once finished with construction, I let the piece dry until leather hard, and then used terra sigillata that I had previously made to burnish it. Since Cheeky has a detailed expression, I decided not to glaze it, because I felt like glazing would detract from the purpose of the piece, whereas the terra sigillata created a finished look without being distracting.
Dimensions: (L)6 x (W)5 x (H)8 (Inches)
Weight: 4 Lbs.
School: Solebury School - New Hope, PA
Teacher: Erika Fairchild
Exhibition: 24th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, Virtual This Year

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Laguna, Miller 20 G, low fire terra cotta
Wheel Vendor: Other
Tool Vendor: Other
Glaze Vendor: Other, Terra sigillata
Kiln Vendor: L&L Kilns
Firing Temp: Low Fire
Atmosphere: Oxidation
Cone Number:
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