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Student Name: Stefan V
Grade: 11
Title: Let the Earth Rise Up
Description: The tortoise, slow, wise, and ancient, emerges from the earth with a gnarled and twisted tree of life clinging to its earthen shell. A hollow mound composes the base of the piece, with the tree and roots teased out of the clay. The body of the tortoise itself was created from a coil pot with layers added upon it to create the shell, and the sculpted head and legs were attached last, molded to resemble a living tortoise with the utmost precision. Covered with acrylic paint in realistic earthen tones, the piece depicts a metamorphosis of the grandest scale as life emerges from stone. The tortoise embodies the living spirit of our earth, and although life may suffer and be twisted like the trunk of a windswept tree, it will remain, and in the end it will rise up victorious despite the ravages inflicted upon it.
Dimensions: (L)8 x (W)13 x (H)7 (Inches)
Weight: 5 Lbs.
School: Mclean High School - Mclean , VA
Teacher: Christina Carroll
Exhibition: 24th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, Virtual This Year

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Standard, Stoneware 553
Wheel Vendor: Other, handbuilt
Tool Vendor: Other
Glaze Vendor: Other, No glaze, all alternative finishes acrylic paint
Kiln Vendor: Paragon, front loader
Firing Temp: Low Stoneware, slow bisque
Atmosphere: Oxidation
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