Entered Information
Student Name: Stefan V
Grade: 11
Title: Gilded Utility
Description: A fully functional if oversized teapot, this piece is modelled closely on a mute swan with the beak serving as the spout of the vessel. Created through a combination of slab and coil techniques, it is covered in acrylic paint, accented with metallic copper paint, and varnished to a satin finish. It draws inspiration from the regal beauty of the swan, and how this beauty can be juxtaposed with the everyday utility of a teapot, highlighted by the emergence of a handle from the otherwise flawless body of the bird. The twining metallic design symbolizes how currents of elegance flow through everyday life, with the piece as a whole demonstrating both the possibilities of glamour in the ordinary, and the down to earth utility of the exquisite.
Dimensions: (L)9 x (W)20 x (H)15 (Inches)
Weight: 10 Lbs.
School: Mclean High School - Mclean , VA
Teacher: Christina Carroll
Exhibition: The 24th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, Virtual This Year

No awards given
Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Standard, Stoneware buff 553
Wheel Vendor: Other, handbuilt
Tool Vendor: Other, Blick and Amazon- tools bought on line during pandemic
Glaze Vendor: Other, No glaze, alternative patina , Acrylic
Kiln Vendor: Paragon, front loader
Firing Temp: Low Stoneware, 04 bisque
Atmosphere: Oxidation
Cone Number:
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