Entered Information
Student Name: Julia M
Grade: 12
Title: Utterly Embedded
Description: This piece I created addresses the issue of body dysmorphia and how people are constantly being exposed to the beauty standards that have been created by our society. Technology and the use of social media is a major amplifier for body dysmorphia whether that may be scrolling through instagram and seeing people who have "better" body types than you or seeing an ad for a weight loss pill that gives you the "perfect body". These constant pressures cause people the need to compare themselves with how others look and become so obsessed in trying to fix the imperfections of their body that they will go to the extremes to fit in. In my piece, I portrayed this type of thinking by forming an ipad out of clay and creating the impression of a face onto the screen part of the ipad to represent the visual of what this may look like. Whenever we use our phones, our facial expression is emotionless and even dead-like because we are so absorbed in what is presented on the screen. We get sucked into looking at the people that society portrays as the beauty standard and feel like we need to change our physical appearance to exhibit those similar qualities. I think this is a very important issue that should be addressed more often and even though the understanding and acknowledgement of mental health has increased does not mean we do not continue talking about these problems. Humans become very fixated on our looks and we cannot help but constantly compare ourselves with one another but that is in moderation. When people begin developing other mental health disorders and physical problems because of the need they feel to conform to the beauty standard set by society, then we need to continue talking about this issue until things change.
Dimensions: (L)6 x (W)5 x (H)9 (Inches)
Weight: 2 Lbs.
School: Rocky Hill High School - Rocky Hill, CT
Teacher: Bryan Wziontko
Exhibition: The 25th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

No awards given
Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Other, Miller 55, White
Wheel Vendor: Other
Tool Vendor: Other, Kemper
Glaze Vendor: Amaco
Kiln Vendor: L&L Kilns
Firing Temp: High Temp
Atmosphere: Other
Cone Number:
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