Entered Information
Student Name: Maya L
Grade: 3
Title: The Purrrrfect Tea Party
Description: This party of tea-loving kitties is made of 30 individual pieces, each piece crafted to fit together just so. My favorite part is what each kitty is doing. They are very individually posed with a specific role in the party. There's gossiping and shocked kitties, talking "with the paws" and listening kitties. It's ridiculously charming in person. Even the working tea pot has a body and a separate lid.
Dimensions: (L)9 x (W)9 x (H)4 (Inches)
Weight: 2 Lbs.
School: Village Center For The Arts - New Milford, CT
Teacher: Sharon Kaufman
Exhibition: The 25th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Laguna
Wheel Vendor: brent
Tool Vendor: Bailey Ceramic Supply
Glaze Vendor: Spectrum
Kiln Vendor: Skutt
Firing Temp: Low Fire
Atmosphere: Oxidation
Cone Number:
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