Entered Information
Student Name: Paige G
Grade: 11
Title: Up North
Description: Pack up your camping gear and head up north! This clay slab constructed tent with a camo pattern and window screen texture is realistic on a small scale. A tiny campfire, fishing pole, tackle box, and coolers add to the realistic details.
Dimensions: (L)12 x (W)10 x (H)8 (Inches)
Weight: 6 Lbs.
School: Rockford Christian Schools - Rockford, IL
Teacher: Kelli Sabin
Exhibition: 25th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

No awards given
Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Standard, Low fire white earthenware
Wheel Vendor: Other, none
Tool Vendor: Other, Shimpo slab roller; Kemper, Arteza, Xiem hand tools
Glaze Vendor: Amaco, Amaco under glazes and clear glaze
Kiln Vendor: Skutt, Skutt electric kiln
Firing Temp: Low Fire, Low fire
Atmosphere: Oxidation, Oxidation
Cone Number: , Cone 05
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