Entered Information
Student Name: Leo G
Grade: 8
Title: Midnight Foliage
Description: Handbuilt Amphora Pot: Pinch and coil technique
Dimensions: (L)4 x (W)5 x (H)8 (Inches)
Weight: 1 Lbs.
School: Irving A. Robbins Middle School - Farmington, CT
Teacher: Ann Trambert
Exhibition: The 26th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Sheffield Pottery, MWTX10 Low fire clay
Wheel Vendor: brent, Hand built piece. Wheel wasn't used
Tool Vendor: Other, Pin tool, wooden blending stick, wooden paddle, ocean sponge, Kemper Klay Gun, Amaco banding wheel
Glaze Vendor: Amaco, Amaco Cone 05 F Series, LG/GG Series and Opalescent0-10 Pearl Glaze
Kiln Vendor: Skutt, Skutt Electric Kiln Model LT-3K
Firing Temp: Low Fire, Bisque fire at Cone 05 Glaze fire at Cone 06. I deliberately do this backwards.
Atmosphere: Other, Electric Kiln, Neutral Atmosphere
Cone Number: , Orton Cone. Glaze fire at Cone 06
Entry Photos