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Student Name: Andrew Vigil-Emerson
Grade: 11
Title: Ka Nee-en Ka
Description: This bust is made of Cone 6 Speckled Buff clay bisque fired to Cone 05. Amaco Velvet Underglazes were used after bisque firing to Cone 05. The underglazes were applied in 2 separate Cone 05 firings. The title comes from Mohawk name for themselves "The People of Flint Stone Place/ Ka Nee-en Ka". The color choice was inspired by German Expressionist painters Oskar Kokoschka and Otto Dix.
Dimensions: (L)5.25 x (W)6.25 x (H)7 (Inches)
Weight: 2 lbs. 9.1 oz. Lbs.
School: Ironwood Ridge High School - Tucson, AZ
Teacher: Danielle Mulleneaux
Exhibition: The 17th Annual National K12 Ceramic Exhibiition

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