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Student Name: Karah B
Grade: 10
Title: Carved Tiles
Description: My initial concept or idea was a simple square shaped tile. As I designed it further however, it became more detailed. It also shifted slightly as I worked, for example the cutouts in the piece and the half circle shape on the corners. The biggest change was actually in the last step; the photographing and placement of the tiles. I discovered a new way to place them that I hadn’t been thinking about throughout the entire process (as you can see in the pictures). This taught me that sometimes even if you have one consistent idea for a piece, it can always shift or change and if you let it, it could be even better than you imagined. I also learned that details in one point in the process might not matter that much in the end. I’m proud that I kind of let go by the end of this project and it turned out to be something I can be proud of.
Dimensions: (L)10 x (W)10 x (H)1 (Inches)
Weight: 1 Lbs.
School: Westtown School - West Chester, PA
Teacher: Stephanie Wilhelm
Exhibition: The 26th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Laguna
Wheel Vendor: Shimpo
Tool Vendor: Other
Glaze Vendor: Amaco
Kiln Vendor: Skutt
Firing Temp: Unknown
Atmosphere: Oxidation
Cone Number:
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