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Student Name: Jenna M
Grade: 10
Title: Demeter
Description: This artwork was slab formed to resemble a petunia. The work was then smoothed and fired. Underglaze was applied to mimic the natural color of the flower. The center parts were fired separately, glazed, and added later. The flower's final surface has wax to recreate the soft sheen of a petunia. This piece is based on the style of realism and relates to a childhood memory.
Dimensions: (L)13 x (W)15 x (H)11 (Inches)
Weight: 5 Lbs.
School: Kearney Senior HS - Kearney, NE
Teacher: Katrina Olmstead
Exhibition: The 26th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Laguna, B-Mix
Wheel Vendor: Other
Tool Vendor: Other, Various tools from different vendors.
Glaze Vendor: Other
Kiln Vendor: L&L Kilns
Firing Temp: Low Fire
Atmosphere: Oxidation
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