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Student Name: Ivy R
Grade: 10
Title: Woodsy Serving Set
Description: Slab Built Textured Set. Wood Grain Texture from Rubber mat, Berry Focal accent. Pitcher, Cup, and Saucer
Dimensions: (L)6 x (W)6 x (H)8 (Inches)
Weight: 3 Lbs.
School: William Mason High School - Mason, OH
Teacher: Karan Witham-Walsh
Exhibition: The 26th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Standard, Standard 225 Brown Stoneware
Wheel Vendor: Other, none used
Tool Vendor: Other, Kemper basic tools, mudtools ribs, Teacher made templates, Woodgrain rubber texturing mat
Glaze Vendor: Other, Coyote rootbeer and red
Kiln Vendor: Skutt, Skutt or L&l
Firing Temp: Other, Midrange Stoneware
Atmosphere: Oxidation, Electric Drop- hold- soak
Cone Number: , Cone 5 with drop- hold- soak to achieve cone 6
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