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Student Name: Madalynn K
Grade: 12
Title: Sinful
Description: I had no particular inspiration for this piece. I had an idea in my head and I made it a reality. I wanted to make something unique that looked high fashioned and caught the attention of the viewer. I wanted people to think about how I could have made the piece, and would make them look at all angles of the different angles. if you notice some of the spikes are smaller or larger than the others. every spike was individually placed, and replaced until I felt they were pleasing to the eye. I wanted this piece to be something someone stares at for a very long time, allowing it to serve as whatever inspiration the viewer pleases. often times people will associate the organic shape of my piece with an animal, although that was never my intended view. I tried to paint my piece in way to hopefully combat that.
Dimensions: (L)9 x (W)51/2 x (H)81/4 (Inches)
Weight: 4 Lbs.
School: Lawrence High School - Lawrence, KS
Teacher: Deena Amont
Exhibition: 19th Annual National K12 Ceramic Exhibition

No awards given
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