Entered Information
Student Name: Alexander S
Grade: 10
Title: Sweet Corn
Description: Lovingly and precisely handbuilt, this sweet corn exemplifies precision sculpting and observation. The corn, ultimately, will join other fruits and vegetables in our lunchroom in a permanent exhibition. It will be threaded on rebar (hence the hole) for horizontal display. Each kernel was individually sculpted (similar to the work of famous Japanese ceramicist Yasoyoshi Sugiura) and glazed with great care to show the differences between contrasting matte and glossy surfaces.
Dimensions: (L)11 x (W)2.5 x (H)2.5 (Inches)
Weight: 1 Lbs.
School: The Northwest School - Seattle, WA
Teacher: Randolph Silver
Exhibition: The 21st Annual National K12 Ceramic Exhibition

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Other, Seattle Pottery Supply, LF06
Tool Vendor: Other, Seattle Pottery Supply
Glaze Vendor: Other, Mayco Stroke n Coat Amaco Velvet Underglaze
Kiln Vendor: OtherSeattle Pottery Supply - Crucible
Firing Temp: Low Fire
Atmosphere: Oxidation
Cone Number:
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