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Image Title Student Grade Teacher School
Tall Blue Vessel  Ivan Y   12 Fries-Herfort, Ursula Kimball Union Academy - Meriden, NH 
Treats?  Wyatt Z   3 Ferri, Sheila Horace Mann Lower Division - Bronx, NY 
A Modern Artifact  Adelina Z   10 Dibble, Lisa St. Teresa`s Academy - Kansas City, MO 
Three brothers  Madeline Z   11 Woodrow, Julie Worthington Kilbourne High School - Columbus, OH 
#Me Too Teapot  Veronica Z   11 Menasche, Amy Byram Hills High School - Armonk, NY 
Elephant Jar  Veronica Z   10 Menasche, Amy Byram Hills High School - Armonk, NY 
Jamaican Dude  Lorenzo Z   8 Briggs, Nancy Des Moines Art Center - Des Moines, IA 
Jar With a Lid  Patrick Z   8 Figueroa, Fred Kastner - Clovis, CA 
Chattered Jar  Patrick Z   12 Sather, Barbara Clovis West High School - Fresno, CA 
Genkai  Lingwen Z   12 Lindenfeld, Naomi The Putney School - Putney, VT