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Honorable Mention Award
21 student awards of Honorable Mention are selected by the juror at the exhibition. Students receive a certificate and their display label is marked indicating this recognition. Awards by grade are as follows: gr K-5 ( 3 Honorable Mention) gr 6-8 (3 Honorable Mention) gr 9-10 (5 Honorable Mention) gr 11-12 (10 Honorable Mention).
The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation
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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 12 Spiraling Nicoloff , Brianna King, Kelly Fine Arts Center Greenville SC Yes No
Details 10 Life is Gourd Simone , Cameron Janca, Terise St Joseph Academy Cleveland OH Yes No
Details 10 Face Jug Fahden , Isaiah Riley, Sean St Stephens And St Agnes School Alexandria VA Yes No
Details 11 Loss Isokariari , Olufumilayo Spencer, Laurie Holland Hall School Tulsa OK Yes No
Details 8 Coil Vase In All it's Glory Jung , Diane Stewart, Priscilla Waterford School Sandy UT Yes No
Details 10 A Murder McFadden , Brecklyn Spencer, Laurie Holland Hall School Tulsa OK Yes No
Details 11 Expendable Norton , Noah Ziegler, Scott St. Marks School Of Texas Upper School Dallas TX Yes No
Details 12 Curious Alliance Hapke , Lillianna Hamill, David Wallenpaupack Area hs Hawley PA Yes No
Details 11 Crud Night Perry , Atticus Burnham, Amy Lake Oswego High School Lake Oswego OR Yes No
Details 8 Teal Touch Walker , Victoria Petroukhina, Yelena Mann Magnet Middle School Little Rock AR Yes No