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Brent Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2012 by Jeff and Bond Sandoe on behalf of American Art Clay Company. Intended to help advance future study of ceramics by a graduating senior, the award of $1000 for direct payment toward tuition, is selected by the scholarship committee.
Jeff and Bond Sandoe
6060 Guion Road

Indianapolis, IN 46254

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Option Photo Grade Title Student Teacher School City State Award Scholarship
Details 11 penTEAgon Gomez, Aubree Sather, Barbara Clovis West High School Fresno CA Yes No
Details 12 Egg Yolk Terrazas, Astrid Eames, Leslie Booker T. Washington High School For The Performing And Visual Arts Dallas TX No Yes
Details 12 Large Vase Hine, Ian Biddle, Marko Brockway Center For Arts And Technology Brockway PA No Yes
Details 12 White Drip Croft, Kyle Swann, Melanie Woods Cross High Woods Cross UT Yes No
Details 12 Cookie Jar II Sun, Yuxuan Rapp, Jan Cape Cod Academy Osterville MA No Yes
Details 12 Ceremonial Bowl Blaser, Ryann Papa, Heath Pine View High School St. George UT Yes No
Details 12 Tea Pot Swinson , Erynn Papa, Heath Pine View High School St. George UT No Yes
Details 12 Traits Cho , Sihyun (Steve) Flower, Mike Crescenta Valley High School La Crescenta CA Yes No
Details 12 Ornamental Ocean Ewer Summers , Jasper Chatterley, Michael Rocky Hill School East Greenwich RI No Yes
Details 12 Oil Bottle Dunker , Zac Christopherson, Dave Ridgeline High School Millville UT No Yes