Entered Information
Student Name: Kaiden A
Grade: 11
Title: Rung Out
Description: Each one of us carry generations of trauma. Many of us have had to do deep healing in order to break old patterns that no longer serve us or our generations to come. Like the twisting force of a rag being rung, we must go through in some cases extreme discomfort in order to let go of the past and accept the beauty of the present moment.
Dimensions: (L)12 x (W)12 x (H)42 (Inches)
Weight: 24 Lbs.
School: Desert Hills High School - Saint George, Utah
Teacher: Brandon Berrett
Exhibition: The 26th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Additional Work Info
Clay Vendor: Laguna, B-Mix Cone 10
Wheel Vendor: Shimpo, VL Whisper
Tool Vendor: Clay King, Mud Tools and More
Glaze Vendor: Laguna, Laguna Comercial Glaze
Kiln Vendor: Geil, Neil Gas Kiln
Firing Temp: High Temp, Cone 10
Atmosphere: Reduction, Cone 10
Cone Number: , Cone 10
Entry Photos