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Selected Work

18th Annual National K12 Ceramic Exhibiition
3/24/2015 - 3/27/2015
Kathy King
My work centers on the presentation of narrative through ceramic vessels, tile work and printmaking, either separately or combined in installation, with a feminist point of view. I am interested in mapping the ways popular culture not only reflects women’s lives, but also shapes them. It is this influence that demands critical examination. The use of satirical humor, irony and sarcasm often provides a seductive vehicle to approach issues of gender and sexuality within my work. The combination of narrative presented on the surface, united with the intended utility of each vessel, allows a dialogue between the essence of the object and its narrative. Individually, each pot’s narrative may convey a singular thought, but when the work is considered together in a serial format, the story unfolds.
Rhode Island Convention Center
1 Sabin St
Room 550 A/B
Providence, RI 02903

Selected Work will be visible online after the first day of the Event.

Image Title Student Teacher School
Totum: Many Views of My Sister  Rachel T   Richmond, John Seabreeze High School - Daytona Beach, FL 
Gesture  Sydney T   Denney, Andrew John Burroughs School - St. Louis, MO 
Dragon Wisdom  Helen P   Denney, Andrew John Burroughs School - St. Louis, MO 
Large Vase  Ian H   Biddle, Marko Brockway Center For Arts And Technology - Brockway, PA 
Cricket Plate  Grace C   Fries-Herfort, Ursula Kimball Union Academy - Meriden, NH 
Votive Holder  Jade Z   Kaplan, Gerald Loyalsock Township High School - Williamsport, PA 
Nostalgiasaur: Exquisite Abomination  Yesenia G   Traen, C A Rancho High School - Las Vegas, NV 
Opal Bottle  Isaac M   Barber, Bethany Pleasant Grove High School - Pleasant Grove, UT 
Adventures in Mother Nature  Maya Fornaro   McElhany, Jacqueline Emory H Markle Intermediate School - Hanover, PA 
Reinforced Reinforcer   Emily G   Traen, C A Rancho High School - Las Vegas, NV