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I have been an active potter for the last 19 years, though I first worked with clay over 20 years ago. I specialize in wheel-thrown, altered, and a combined thrown/sculpted technique. Though I abandoned my ceramic degree through my lack of confidence in my 20s, I have translated my two literacy degrees into my own new Visual Arts Literacy focus in teaching ceramic arts. Although I am both teacher of the ceramic arts and maker as well, I identify first as a teacher. It is my belief that Art (specifically Ceramic Art) plays a core role in the intellectual and artistic development of students. My work is at the high school level where I have tried to bring thinking and making into unison. I practice the Inquiry method where I encourage students to begin with technique and then lead them deeper into their own individual inquiries into aesthetics and identity. It is not about making students better artists alone, but about making students know themselves better through the works that they make. This is the rationale behind my involvement in the K12 Organization and why I bring my students year after year to the national conference. It is through my involvement with students that I am made better as both teacher and creator of ceramic arts.